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You told me that you'd like to work from home.
Here's how!


Four Generations Group, Inc.'s
Virtual Call Center
Work from home, and experience virtual freedom.

Work the hours you want, when you want, and in the environment you choose. No more dressing in layers or keeping a desk blanket. You control the thermostat. No more complaining about the janitor. Your space stays as clean or as lived in as you choose. Want to take the kids to see Grandma? Take the week off or take your work with you. As long as the space fits office requirements, you can even work from multiple locations. Let's face it; this is the life!

We're excited that you're interested in Four Generations Group. Here are a few of the things that come as part of the 4Gen experience:


  • Freedom to choose the service opportunity you want. We don't decide for you.

  • Freedom to choose your own schedule. Not just your shift, you manually select your own schedule interval by interval (30min blocks).

  • Freedom to choose multiple clients at once. (Initially, you can only choose 1. After you are comfortable, feel free to select more.)

  • 24-hour assistance. We are only as successful as our CSPs.

  • Non-phone projects. Sometimes we will have one-time projects that we have to outsource due to time constraints. Keep your profile updated, and we will contact you about completing tasks we feel fit your dedication and skill set. Compensation varies case by case.

Ready to take control of your life?
We can't wait to help you get started.



1. Submit Application


Complete the form below.

2. Schedule Appointment


We will email a request for additional information and a link to schedule an interview.

3. Introduction Meeting



During the interview, we will provide more information about the company and the position. We will also conduct an interview.

​​​4. Onboarding Package


Last you will receive an email with our onboarding package.



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