5 tips for showing empathy on every call

"Empathize." I've heard it so often that at times it has lost all meaning for me. It doesn't help that many companies don't make a focused effort to effectively teach their agents what it means to empathize and how to convey empathy.

Empathy is so much more than "I apologize for your inconvenience." In fact, NEVER use that sentence. It is now dead and a sure sign that you're likely less concerned about the customer's issue and more concerned about just getting through the call. That mindset is counter productive and will lead to longer call times, frustrated customers, and poor surveys.

To help you out where training left off, here are 7 tips for building empathy into your entire call.

1. Listen Listen Listen


It can't be said often enough. Listening is so important that there should be a training completely devoted to the topic (hint: this will be a topic in our upcoming CSP training class. Learn more.)

Active listening will help you pinpoint the problem, understand the customer's priorities, and determine the best solution.

2. Let them know that you understand and that you care.


"Ok, so I apologize for your inconvenience. What else am I supposed to say?"

Stop, don't do that. There are lots of other ways to verbally express your empathy.