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What's Better Than Working from Home?

Working from home can be amazing. You can work in cozy pajamas and everthing you need for a comfortable environment is within reach. You can have home cooked, gourmet meals everyday or munch all day on the noisiest, most obnoxious snacks. You can exercise without an audience or take a cat nap on your couch. You control the thermostat. No more winter in June!

The Limitation

But what are the benefits if you are a parent whose wonderful work from home job has a set 8-hour scheudule and requires lots of phone time with customers? Unless you have church mice children (I don't) and you can keep your talk time firmly within school hours (if your children are attending), you still have to arrange some kind of care for your child. Raise a hand if you have ever felt like you were going to work every day just to pay childcare. In fact, don't just raise a hand, share this post if you've experienced childcare costs that are more than your car note or even your rent. I imagine many of you are searching for a better way.

The Formula

Working from home without a flexible schedule is like getting pudding without a spoon. You can still eat it, but it will be inconvenient and possibly very messy. Here's the solution. It's very simple.

Work At Home + Flexible Schedule = FREEDOM

What's better than working form home? Working from home when you have a flexible schedule. Not a flex schedule. Not getting to choose your shift. A truly flexible schedule where you determine each hour you work and when. Now, keep the formula in your mind and let it sink in a bit while I take a moment to share my story.

My Story

My name is Erica, and I'm a manager at Four Generations Group, Inc. I'm the mother of one bright, beautiful, song bird of a 6-year old who loves Kacee and Rachel in Wonderland and also happens to be autistic.

If you don't know much about autism, let's suffice it to say that learning to care for her and going to work each day created a cycle that was very difficult for me to break. Other moms who have done this before me and who are doing it now, I commend each and every one of you!

The Cycle

She never slept. I mean, she NEVER slept so I was exhausted at work. Exhaustion at work meant that I struggled to maintain metrics which caused additional stress. Stress at work meant that I was much more tired and less patient when I made it home. My lack of patience made it more difficult to understand my daughter's needs which upset her and upset me. More stress, more wear, more tired.

I was a new parent and didn't trust daycares with my nonverbal child so I had to rely on a sitter who was a personal friend. If the sitter was sick or unavailable for any reason, I missed work and had my daughter all day long. Back then I couldn't shower or use the bathroom without bringing her with me because there was no telling what might occur while she was alone like discovering her gnawing on the laptop power chord that was still plugged in! My only downtime was the drive to and from work. Long story, short, I couldn't manage it anymore. I was far from family back then and had no help. I was breaking down and something had to give. That something could not and would not be my ability to care for my child!

A Solution

Queue Four Generations Group, Inc.

4Gen provides work from home opportunities servicing the customers of major companies, many of which are Fortune 500. The flexible schedule enabled me to schedule work at times that didn't interfere with the needs of my daughter. Within a week of quitting my regular 9 to 5, I had my daughter potty trained! If you've never had to purchase pull-ups that seem to get more expensive for larger sizes but have fewer in the pack... If you've never had to potty train a toddler or experience cleaning up a 4-year old who didn't quite make it to the potty... If you haven't experienced these things, you may not be able to fully apprecitate what I've said here. For the people in the know, I'll say it again. Within a week of quitting, my daughter was potty trained! Take a moment and celebrate with me if you wish.

Thank you!

A Big Difference

As big as potty training was for me, the truly big thing was that I wasn't tired and was no longer easily frustrated. I had the patience to really work with my daughter and help her navigate the world. We made progress in communicating and she was finally able to express some of her more abstract wants and needs. We had fun together and began having more of those mother-daughter moments that I will cherish forever...

...and all the while, I was making money in her sleep or while she was in school. If she was out of school on a sick day or snow day, I didn't have to worry about how many vacation days I needed to stretch across the year. I didn't need permission to take off for doctor appointments or family vacations. I could add or remove hours from my schedule or not put myself on the schedule at all. What is more flexible and freeing than that?

Make the Formula Work For You

Did you keep that formula in your mind like I asked? Here it is again.

Work At Home + Flexible Schedule = FREEDOM

Are you visualizing it now? Do you feel that tingle of possiblity? Great!

Take the first step toward bringing FREEDOM into your life by applying to Four Generations Group, Inc.'s virtual call center today.

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