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Your Body Speaks: Posture

Body language is just as important over the phone as off it. Last time, we covered how a smile can be heard over the phone and its benefits. This time, it's all about how we sit or stand when on the phone. If you've ever had the chance to see a sales team in action, you will often see them standing or walking when engaging a prospect over the phone.

Are they standing for their health?

Well, according to researchers, there is a link between sitting long periods and certain health issues. But that is not the only reason why it's great to stand when on the phone. In a study by Amy Cuddy, we learn that upright posture can increase and project confidence, while hunched over posture does the opposite.

That's great for sales, how does it help me?

When you are a customer service agent (face-to-face, online, or phone), you are the "face" of the company. It is important that you project confidence to build and maintain the customer's trust in you and the company. A customer is more receptive to the information you provide them if they feel that you are confident in the information you've given.

Sometimes you have to "fake it till you make it." You may not really feel confident at the moment, but smiling and sitting/standing straightly can help you feel more powerful. Over time, it will actually increase your confidence level and decrease your stress level. Your confidence and lack of stress can make your calls go more smoothly.

Are you sitting up straight or standing during calls? If not, try it, and tell us about the difference it makes for you!


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