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Your Body Speaks: Smile

Body language is just as important over the phone as off it. For example: Did you know that a smile can be heard over the phone? A smile in your voice will help you sound friendly and personable. It can also disarm a person who is ready for a fight and encourage them to be more receptive to your assistance.

Smiling doesn't just benefit your interaction with the customer.

It's hard to be angry or sad when you're smiling. Smile to keep a bad morning or a grumpy customer from ruining your day or from ruining your quality score. But don't just smile on the job; smile more when you're off the clock. Smiling can improve relationships, help you relax, and relieve stress. I don't know about you, but I can use all the relaxation I can get!

How do you remember to keep a smile on your face?

A mirror: Keep a mirror at your desk to help you remember to smile. You can even add a sticky note or fun smile sticker to the mirror.

Pictures: Use your verticle real estate. Pin funny pictures on your wall or pictures of good memories on your desk. You want to surround yourself with positivity and things that make your smile.

Practice: Smile more in your everyday life. It's easier to maintain if it becomes an all-around habit. Practice smiling in a mirror. If you're used to seeing yourself smile, catching an unsmiling face in your desk mirror should be a great reminder to "fix your face".

Now you know that smiling can break down barriers between you and a customer while also improving your mood and theirs. So take a minute and practice that smile!


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