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Create Your Own Empathy Statement Workbook

Edition 1
Throw "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" out the window.

You're told to show empathy, but you aren't really taught how or you're given 1-2 phrases that may not be suitable for every call. You need something more flexible, and more importantly, sounds genuine.

What You Will Learn in This Workbook

You will learn to craft custom empathy statements that sound natural and help customers feel heard. Perfect for any industry or call scenario.

Benefits of Completing This Workbook

Sound Sincere

Your trainer may give you a list of empathy statements. If those overused phrases don't sound sincere coming from your lips, they may hurt more than help. There is nothing worse than a fake apology.​


There are few things more stressful than dealing with angry customers all day long. A sincere empathy statement can help you take control of the call and spend less time feeling attacked.

Better Survey

A customer who feels heard and believes that you are concerned is easier to assist than one who feels the opposite. Better calls lead to better surveys which can lead to increased revenue.

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